New EU law: WhatsApp must be open to other messengers


WhatsApp needs to receive messages from Messenger as a signal

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Market monopoly: The EU Parliament has passed a law that would make WhatsApp interoperable. Users of other messenger services such as Signal or Thrimmer will soon be able to send messages to WhatsApp users.

And again there is news about the world’s largest messenger service: we just reported that WhatsApp is working on a function that you can use Online-status Hide from specific contacts To be able to. However, the latest news about WhatsApp came from the European Parliament, not from the operator Meta platform.

Internet giants should take more responsibility, make the market more fair

At the meeting of the EU Parliament on Tuesday Ways to limit the market power of technology giants Such as Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple. There is a parliament Two laws passed, The online platform is designed to tighten controls and protect consumers Of Digital Services Act (DSA) The purpose is invalid content and Get hate speech quickly from the internetPlatform makes operators more responsible.

There is special interest for consumers Digital Markets Act (DMA). It aims to address the exclusive position of some market participants, which has so far been rarely competed. For Messenger service with at least 45 million active users One month will be in the future Interoperability is a must. WhatsApp, Facebook and the company have to allow it External services such as Signal, Telegram or Thrima Message for WhatsApp users Can send.

For example, if you left WhatsApp’s new terms and conditions last year and moved to a signal-like option, you’ll soon be able to re-write messages to your old WhatsApp contacts. Spoken communication must then be a Confirmation prompt Whether he wants to receive messages from third party apps.

For the implementation of the new regulations, WhatsApp and co. Two years time, But already has a critical voice. Ironically, the operators of the Swiss Thrima app themselves are via Twitter Privacy concerns raised And said they would “not participate” in interactions. Unlike internet giants like WhatsApp, it is up to the small provider itself to decide whether to open in the DSA sense.


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