New rumors indicate that Adam Driver will join The Fantastic Four



Undoubtedly, one of the most ambitious projects for Marvel Studios in the coming years will be the Fantastic Four movie, a film that was announced at the company’s panel a few months ago at San Diego Comic-Con. And now, rumors are swirling about its cast, as an insider claims actor Adam Driver is in talks with the studio. According to a media outlet known as The Direct, the meeting Driver held with company officials was to see what role he could play in the long-awaited film. It couldn’t be more or less than Reed Richards or Mr. Fantastic, for his part there is also the option of Victor Von Doom, the main villain of the group of heroes.
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It’s worth noting that the insider from whom the information was sourced has succeeded in confirming some actors, such as Harrison Ford for Thunderbolts, as well as the returning villain in Spider-Man: No Way Home. This means that it is very possible that we will see the driver in this universe that keeps the stars of slow motion. For those who don’t remember the actor, he took part in the most recent Star Wars trilogy, playing the villain Kylo Ren, who can be considered the main antagonist of the trilogy. His performance has really pleased fans, so having him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe now is going to be pretty special. Via: Comic Books
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