Nintendo is adding two more games to its Switch Online N64 library



Nintendo’s latest N64 game is now officially available for Switch Online + Expansion Pack. Yes, that’s right – Mario-Party And Mario Party 2 Receipt!

As mentioned, the first game came here in the West in 1998/99, followed by a second title in Japan in 1999 on the same platform and domestically in 2000. These new releases are supported by Switch online functionality and four-player multiplayer.

Here is a PR for both:

Mario Party:

Mario-Party Released in 1999 for the Nintendo 64 system, it was the beginning of the original party in the series! Join Mario and his friends in nine action-packed adventure boards and 56 mini-games in this classic four-player party game in competitive multiplayer* (or solo!).

Mario-Party 2:

keep partying Mario Party 2 And celebrate like it’s 2000 again! Mario and friends are back for another round of Bowser-bashing on the board from the Mushroom Kingdom, complete with fantasy costumes, new adventure boards and mini-games.

The Japanese Switch Online + Expansion Pack got Mario Party and Mario Party 2 this week.

Will you be returning to these games with the Switch Online + Expansion Pack? Tell us below.


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