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Let’s discover together the amazing Neo Air Glass, smart glasses that bring the movie inside the car cabin. Nio Air Glasses are glasses made by Nio, a company from Shanghai, China, which unveiled its new project related to augmented reality, a segment that Everyeye thinks is expanding, affecting all tech giants.

Neo Air Glasses, 12/9/2022 -
Neo Air Glasses, 12/9/2022 –

Neo has some devices AR is possible and evolve In collaboration with Nreal; In detail, they are equipped with lenses that will allow users to drive Nio A cinematic-style experienceThus being able to enjoy a screen Size up to 130 inches HD resolution, plus Dolby Atmos and a 7.1.4 surround system, is definitely virtual. LAnd the sale has already started, And the specs will only be compatible with cars that support NT software build 2.0 (onward). Currently, Everyeye points out, only vehicles from ET5 and above will be able to guarantee the proper functioning of this new smart glass. Additionally, it is specified that ET7 and ES7 can be updated to use the specs, while NT 1.0 cars will not be compatible, read NIO ES8, ES6 and ET6.

NIO Air Glasses: Here are their features

Those who want can already buy the Neo glasses from the official store for 2,229 yuan, Which is around 300 euros at the exchange rate. As mentioned above, the company aims to develop in-car cinema, a panoramic digital cockpit and a augmented reality With which all Nio Means are equipped. Thanks to the glasses, you can have a three-dimensional experience while sitting comfortably in your seat, with a truly extraordinary cinematic quality. Among their features, there is more brightness than standard smart glasses, so there are anti-reflective systems and anti-shake functions on board. Additionally, it will be possible to control all cockpit and augmented reality functions of the vehicle through these devices. When the vehicle is stationary or charging, You can choose between 200 in 3D and 260 in Dolby Atmos

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