None of the phones were seen on TikTok: the highly anticipated smartphone will have this other feature –


A new video of Nothing Phone has been leaked on TikTok, which confirms a feature on the back and display of the smartphone

Carl Pay The rumor machine and its next gem know exactly how to get started, Nothing phoneIs re-tracing in detail the same path that was already marked when the young Asian entrepreneur was the frontman of the OnePlus project.

Nothing phone will have 120 Hz refresh rate screen (screenshot is nothing)

Encouragement from fans and enthusiasts of the mobile segment towards the first expedition Nothing In its sector Smartphone Reached a very high level now, up to this point that the device – which will be animated by the processor itself. Snapdragon 778G By Qualcomm – became the hero of some philosophy on major social platforms.

This is it Tick ​​tockFeaturing a video Nothing phone Which reveals – where it was still needed – another feature that will make the technical data sheet of a new Android smartphone half the size of a mid-range device and a flagship: with a screen 120 Hz refresh rate.

It is true that the former Dr. Smartphones have nothing It will be powered by a SoC that can’t keep up – at least on paper – compared to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, but it will equally equally undoubtedly be able to show the device some features of a true top of the range: And reminiscent of the Galaxy S22, but also thinner on all fours and above all on the screen with a uniform bezel.

Nothing Phone (1) will have a 120Hz refresh rate display

Nothing Phone Display 120 Hz
Un render nothing phone (screenshot)

Don’t forget the chic Flash LED Includes a transparent layout and a design that creates its official logo on the back of the body Nothing. The special LED flash is the main character watching the smartphone on TickTock, waiting for its debut scheduled for the upcoming July 12 day.

The 120 Hz refresh rate screen is the last part of a well-constructed and official technical data sheet, where the presence Snapdragon 778G Flanked for the event by a battery from Qualcomm 4.500 mAh With support for 45 watt wired fast charging, wireless charging and reverse wireless charging for charging accessories. The display will be AMOLED type instead and its size will be 6.55 inches, big yes but not too big.

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