OnePlus surpasses everything: the device already has innovation, try it now


OnePlus beat the competition time after time, bringing one of the most eagerly awaited innovations by users to its powerful device.

OnePlus It returned to the market several weeks after its debut OnePlus 10TAndroid smartphones that focus on performance and speed with some sacrifices (wireless charging and, above all, the iconic side slider) have long-time fans up their noses.

OnePlus 10 Pro update to Android 13 (AdobeStock).

The Chinese company founded by Pete Lau has often proved to be the quickest to update its latest flagships New version of Android And this year too the speech is almost the same. Smartphone OnePlus 10 ProIn fact, it is the first device in Europe to be officially welcomed Android 13 In the stable version, at the end of an initial testing phase that started in recent weeks.

OnePlus 10 Pro Android 13 Update: Key News of OxygenOS 13

The update brings with it new graphic interface OxygenOS 13, with several graphic innovations – such as aquamorphic design theme colors for greater visual comfort, changelog in hand – significant additions and a security enhancement. Among the innovations indicated by OnePlus in the development notes we mention, for example, Meeting Assistant To improve connectivity, but also new markup tools for editing screenshots and controlling music playback.

OnePlus Logo (Web Source)
OnePlus Logo (Web Source)

It has no shortage of optimizations shelfAlways-on display, and an automatic pixelization feature for chat screenshots.

A clarification regarding the installation of new updates. In fact, the update in question is being rolled out via OTA (Over the Air) for those who currently have their Android 12 operating system installed. OnePlus 10 Pro, which may not have convinced longtime fans due to its close resemblance to Oppo’s ColorOS. No data will be deleted.

On the other hand, there is no automatic release for those who decide to install Beta version of OxygenOS 13: In this case, you have to manually switch from Android 13 beta to stable version.

But beware: it does, a Reset to factory dataSo it is recommended that you make a backup of your data first

There is no news for its owners OnePlus 10TBut we’re sure the latest flagship will get Android 13 shortly, while all supported mid-range models of the OnePlus Nord will inevitably have to wait.

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