Pinterest expands Creator Fund as part of a larger celebration of Pride Month



Pinterest has announced that manufacturers in the UK and Brazil will now be Its creator is eligible to apply for fundsWhile it will focus more on the growing LGBTQIA + makers as part of the larger celebration of Pride Month within the app.

Pinterest Pride Month

Explained by Pinterest:

To ensure that creativity from LGBTQIA + creators is not overlooked, the Creator Fund will reduce their barriers to reaching new visitors to Pinterest and provide them with resources to bring more creativity to the platform. For this first group, the UK will focus on fashion and beauty manufacturers where Brazil will bring together manufacturers from the food, beauty, fashion and decor categories.

Initially launched in April last year, Pinterest’s Creator Fund Designed to help Pinterest builders build presence on the platform and to monetize their PIN efforts, ideally, keep them posted more often

Like all platforms, Pinterest is working to keep its top talent active, resulting in more users coming back. And while Pinterest doesn’t have the overall reach or appeal of some other apps, there are unique benefits for certain pin makers, with additional funding and support providing them with more incentive to continue pinning and build their presence in the app.

In addition to expanding its Creator Fund, Pinterest is launching a new campaign with creator David Loverick, associated with Pride Month.

Our new In the “Someone You Need” campaign, Pinterest creator David Loverick showed a fellow Pinar that boys could wear makeup, too. How to do makeup, David’s content inspires pinners to explore their authentic spirit.

Throughout the month, Pinterest will also highlight LGBTQIA + makers Through this The PinTV initiative, which will include the manufacturer’s original, shopping spotlight and much more.

Also, in the next few weeks, when Pinar searches for terms related to “arrogance” on Pinterest worldwide, they will see a landing page in today’s inspiration with today’s campaign theme, We Are Here, which will take them to their pride. Focus boards and articles on celebrating kinship.

Pinterest has become an important connecting tool for LGBTQIA + users, while it now serves as a key hub for understanding and community growth. Search for, for example “Gender identity” The app grew 55% a year, while sEarches for “lgbt support” increased 4x. Searches for “lgbtqia + flag” have also steadily increased in the app, underlining the role that PIN can play in both facilitating community connectivity and providing support in a variety of ways.

The focus on LGBTQIA + creators in its Creator Fund program will help improve this focus and ideally help make Pinterest more welcoming to all users.


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