Pixel 6 (Pro): The update brings 6 innovations from the Pixel 7



During the week of the article, the Pixel 7 smartphones were officially launched and they brought with them some new software features. a part of it so what Drop per pixel feature for older devices.

New information on Live Display in Pixel Launcher

In Live Display, for example, Google introduces new features for weather and provides information about upcoming packages. Of course, the group brings it to the old Pixel cell phone, because of the complete independence from the processor.

Live Display Weather Hero

Make calls without background noise

The new Clear Calling requires a Tensor chip, which was first found in the Pixel 6 series. This feature reduces background noise during phone calls. This will enable easy intelligible calls even in noisy environments.

Camera app support

A feature of guided frame cameras. I also think Google will bring an improved Google Camera user interface to older models. We will have more details on this in 12.10. Here on the blog.

Spatial audio for Pixel Buds Pro

This feature is intended to enable 3D surround sound, even if you have two earphones in your ears. Google plans to bring the feature to the Pixel Buds Pro in the upcoming Pixel feature drop and make it available from the Pixel 6.

The Pixel feature drop is coming in December

Due to Google’s usual update schedule, it has long been known that a Pixel feature drop would appear in December. Probably the first Monday of the month, that would be December 5.

I’m sure there will be more innovations than Google is already willing to admit publicly. For example, a good battery indicator with information about battery health

However, there will be no face unlock, as we already know.

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