Pixel 6 Pro vs Pixel 7 Pro: What about battery and temperature?



The second generation of the Tensor processor will bring some improvements to the Pixel 7 Pro and better thermal management is also said to be part of the optimization. Subjectively, I also perceive it that way, but a detailed comparison test reveals a different truth.

The new Tensor G2 does nothing for the battery

It quickly became no secret that the Pixel 7 Pro doesn’t have a particularly fast processor for everyday performance. When using standard apps and games, the difference is quite small. This also applies when looking at the battery, which rarely lasts long.

Is the Pixel 6 Pro a hotter candidate?

And last but not least, a colleague checked the temperature of both devices. Whether it’s HDR video, gaming or a zoom call, sometimes the Pixel 6 Pro was a bit warm and sometimes the Pixel 7 Pro. However, it’s not like the Pixel 6 Pro will permanently reach significantly higher temperatures.

Is the Pixel 7 Pro worth it?

In any case, no one approaches the new generation of Pixel cell phones because they bring significantly more performance or battery life. That’s just not the case. Instead, the Pixel 7 Pro in particular brings with it some innovation and optimization in other areas.

Pixel 7 Pro vs Pixel 6 Pro: Battery and temperature test in video

Pixel 7 Pro ‘not a new phone’

In everyday life, I think the new Pixel 7 Pro just feels a lot rounder. There are other points which are now coherent and make a better overall package possible. However, Google isn’t really offering us a completely new Android phone. But I wouldn’t interpret it negatively for the new flagship.

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