Pixel 6a’s Fingerprint Sensor Beats Pixel 6 Pro See Digital Trends


Despite being launched with several admirable features, Google’s Pixel 6’s fingerprint sensor has proven to be the phone’s Achilles heel. Google’s Pixel 6a is dropping it for a much faster fingerprint sensor. And now, a video has emerged to show just how fast its advanced sensor actually is.

Google usually offered some of the best fingerprint sensors on smartphones, including its ‘Pixel Imprint’ sensor. Introducing the original Pixel in 2016 and going all the way through the Pixel 5a, unlocking the location of the pixel imprint on the back of the phone makes it an easy and convenient task, the Pixel phones are unlocked as soon as they come out of the pocket.

The Pixel 6 didn’t have that luxury, as Google switched to a more futuristic – but ultimately unreliable – front-facing in-display sensor. Several software updates have been made to try to fix this, but the software can only go so far for faulty hardware.

A preliminary review of the Pixel 6a shows that the faster fingerprint sensor is working, and despite the phone being much cheaper, it really competes favorably with the 6 Pro. In comparison, our Pixel 6 Pro review described that fingerprint sensor as “garbage,” “slow,” and “unreliable.”

Google has apparently learned from the reception of the Pixel 6 and targeted areas where it could make a real improvement, despite the Pixel 6a being a more affordable and less technically impressive handset. It includes first generation tensor chipsets, Warts and all. It features the older camera of the Pixel 5 and 5a, a smaller battery and a slower 60Hz display where Android rivals like Samsung and Xiaomi also feature 90Hz or even 120Hz displays. Still, the Pixel 6a should be a good phone for the price – especially if you need something with a fast and reliable fingerprint sensor. 6a is going to be launched on 28th July

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