Pixel 7 Pro: Display becomes a battery killer with higher brightness



Power consumption is significantly higher than Pixel 6 Pro and Galaxy S22+

The Pixel 7 Pro’s actually solid battery life drops significantly when operated at high screen brightness. Then the new Google flagship consumes even more power than its predecessor, the Pixel 6 Pro.

Google’s new smartphone Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro was launched last week and, in addition to a new design and new camera functions, can be equipped with a Advanced display of participation OLED screen The Pixel 7 Pro measures 6.7 inches and promises a better picture with QHD+ resolution and adaptive 120 Hz. Low energy consumption thanks to LTPO technology.

but how XDA-Developers It has now been found that the Google Pixel 7 Pro’s display consumes more power than its predecessor and competitor, the Samsung Galaxy S22+. In his examination, the editor first Dr Generally the Pixel 7 Pro has good battery life Compared to the Pixel 6 Pro. However, when he got his device In bright sunlight In use, battery life drops by about 10 percent within fifteen minutes.

A comparison was made with a total of four Pixel 7 Pro devices Power consumption increases significantly with higher screen brightness: When Samsung Galaxy S22+ nur 2 Watt And Pixel 6 Pro 2,9 Watt bei 6000 Nits Achieving brilliance consumes four Pixel 7 Pro models are between 3.5 and 4 watts each. How much does the Pixel 6 Pro use at its maximum brightness of 800 nits? willpower Pixel 7 Pro at maximum brightness managed – such as a completely white screen with 100 percent APL and about 1000 nit – The consumption increases by 6 watts.

It remains to be seen if Google will be able to fix these launch issues with the Pixel 7 Pro in a timely manner through a software update. Just a few weeks ago, users – including our own ranks – complained about battery issues on their Pixel devices after an Android update.


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