Pixel Ultra/Mini: Lots of new information is here!



A third Pixel 7 smartphone is still buzzing through Google’s source codes, and there’s also some new information about the first Google foldable.

In the source code of the supposed Pixel 7 Ultra you can see that it definitely has an IMX712 camera sensor. This is a previously unreleased sensor, so brand new But that’s not all that’s been revealed about “Lynx” now.

Support for wireless charging shouldn’t surprise us. Also, Google uses a different chipset for Bluetooth and Wifi in the 6E compared to the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 series smartphones. Qualcomm instead of Broadcom – a brand new kit.

The new Pixel phones have some innovations, but the display raises questions

Last but not least, information about the display has appeared. A reference can only be found on a display with a resolution of 1080p but a refresh rate of 120 Hz. According to the discovery developer A possible reference to the recently reported alleged Pixel Mini.

Now more question marks on our heads than before!

Although all the details about the Lynx (L10) found in the source code so far point to a top model because there are many new components, the first information about the display speaks for a small pixel with a maximum screen diagonal of 6. inch

Information about the display indicates a Pixel Mini

It has always been the case now and in recent years that Google opted for QHD panels for the larger Pixel (Pro) and regular or smaller models were equipped with maximum FHD. Small enough for screen diagonal.

Now it’s time to be patient again until there are more details that can give us a clear direction.

Which would you prefer, an absolute top model or the Pixel Mini?

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