PlayStation Financial Reporting, the future is clear and you may not like it


The PlayStation has just released an official report regarding the PS4 in FY 2021. And it confirms some of the fears of gamers.

So farThe gaming industry is getting bigger and bigger, More and more common in Titanic and other sectors of commercial and business strategy ever closer to this reason. There Emotions AndLove There are, especially in the hearts and hands of developers who work with headlines for hours on end. Slightly lower on the upper floor, where it is essential Predict profits and gains More. And the report PlayStation Fiscal year 2021 for PS4 Some fans may be worried about the video game world.

PlayStation Financial Reporting, the future is clear and you may not like it

As you can see in the report, in fact, which you can find here in full, the presence in FY 2021 was fundamental for PS4 Free-to-play game In your own shop. In particular, the company identifies 5 as the main culprits 25% of total income On PS4: Fortnite, Jenshin effect, Call of Duty Warzone, Apex Legends e Rocket League. These 5 free games have allowed Sony to make a fortune, including their in-game purchases, including skins, weapons and various accessories.

PlayStation of the Future, In Search of the New Fortnite

Not only that, but by examining the demand for PS5 by country, the PlayStation noticed what it defined “Unprecedented Demand” Which comes from China. The country, in fact, which was 11th for active PS4, is now even 5th for active PS5. And Sony will definitely try its best to pay more attention to it The most profitable market that existsOr perhaps second only to the United States.

Graphico free-to-play per PlayStation

What a conclusion to draw from all this, Not part of the company’s management but only passionate gamers? In the future, free-to-play with as many skins, accessories and trinkets as possible for sale in the PS Store will be increasingly featured. The PlayStation has already announced that it wants to work on a series Play as a service. Good numbers, unfortunately, prove you right. It is financially safe to expect this Over the next decade, many more Fortnite-like titles will be launched on the PS5 and PS6.

With Chinese gamers who seem to be much more interested in PlayStation consoles than in the past and already have the perception of the game as an integrated and acclaimed reality as a service, here it is only a matter of 1 + 1. Obviously this This does not mean that PlayStation will leave its Triple With a strong narrative and single-player elements, however, it’s true that all gamers know: You earn more with free games.

PS5 and Chinese demand

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