Pokemon Scarlet and Violet sold millions in their first weekend


Last Friday’s editions pokemon Scarlett y Violet In the market, the next major game in the franchise that bets on an open world and activities according to the player’s choice. Of course, the performance has been criticized by players, but that doesn’t seem to be affecting sales.

In a new statement from Nintendo, it has been confirmed that this video game reached the figure of 10 million copies sold in its first weekend alone, which does not include subsequent sales such as last Monday and Tuesday. It covers both physical copies as well as digital copies distributed worldwide, in single or double packs.

This news may come as a bit of a backlash, as it was also reported not too long ago that users are seeking refunds, via customer service. Nintendo. This suggests that they already want to settle for what I provide Game freaksMany of them are fans who want to see the story evolve for good.

It is good that it reached this number of copies, but negative reasons Game freaks Will understand that there are no complaints and will continue to develop future games with the same quality. Nothing was said about anything DLC will be released in later years, but as pokemon As it comes annually, it’s obvious that it’s going to be released.

Note that versions are available Nintendo switch.

Through: Nintendo statement


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