Greg Bear, author of the famous Halo novels, has died


of the world hello This is not limited to video games, as we could see a few months ago, an exclusive series Paramount Plus To the delight of the devotees. On the other hand, we have written novels, which have produced Greg the bearAnd speaking of this important personality, unfortunately his death has been reported.

The cause of his death was a stroke, at the age of 71. He wrote more than 50 books in his life. it was 2011 When he began expanding the Halo universe with stories from the Forerunner Saga. A total of 3 novels have been published: Halo: The Crypt (2011), The Beginning (2012) and The Silence (2013)Which was very well received by the fans.

It is worth commenting that this adaptation helped to expand the story Hello 4, Because of which there is a lot of respect for their writing.

Here are some messages related to the author, including news shared directly by his wife:

And now it’s gone. May his soul rest in peace, alas love. Greg Bear 8/20/1951-11/19/2022

Today my father said goodbye. I love him and I will miss him dearly. I got most of who I am from her, and I know she’s always been proud of me and I’m proud to be her daughter. Read one of his books in his honor, if you will.

Remember that publication Greg Still available

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