Pokemon Sword and Shield will no longer be supported



The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games are fast approaching, something that has excited fans around the world, even those joining the franchise. However, this is a bad sign for other games in the series, as the Sword and Shield versions will drop support to make way for the new generation. The update end date is November 1st this year. A final Wild Area news event is coming up that day, bringing new Pokemon to the games that weren’t available before, including the Gigantamax Snorlax. This will continue until Sword and Shield’s online services are completely shut down, which will be several years away. Battle Stadium will no longer update on the same day as Ranked Season, and therefore Ranked Battle results will no longer be visible in Pokemon Home. While not yet confirmed, The Pokemon Company will likely include the results of the new game’s ranked season here. It’s worth noting that online battles and trading are still going to be available. But there will no longer be an official game competition and the games are expected to be left out of the Pokemon World Cup to be held in Japan in 2023. Note that these games are available on Nintendo Switch. Via: IGN
Editor’s Note: It’s going to be a bit nostalgic when games go out of support, but with next-gen opening on November 18, it’s clear they’ll be the lenders to be the new competitive games. The post Pokemon Sword and Shield will no longer be supported appeared first on Atomics.


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