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Ray tracing has become the most characteristic technology of this generation. Many were surprised then hello infinite y Forza Horizon 5 They lacked this when released on PC a year ago. luckily, That will change soon.

In the beginning, Ray-tracing will hit first Forza Horizon 5, And it will be next November 8 An update gives us access to this technology on PCs. Here we will be presented with four graphic options, and we will be forced to raise the RT quality to Ultra or Extreme to enjoy its graphic improvements in Race and Free modes. Also, it is mentioned that only our car will have characteristic reflections.

secondly, Ray-tracing will arrive hello infinite Till the start of the third season of the game, i.e. till March 2023. Here, PC users will witness this graphical improvement in the Arena and Big Team Battle modes, where they will get a chance to appreciate the changes in lighting and shadows.

remember, Ray-tracing will arrive Forza Horizon 5 Next November 8, already hello infinite March 2023 both on PC only. In related matters, Xbox’s marketing VP wants to play God of War: Ragnarok. Likewise, the Xbox Series X | The price of S increases.


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