Samsung has already released a security update for November 2022, but it’s limited



Samsung released new security updates for its phones before this date Google. later, later Release the October 2022 security update before all other smartphone brandsThe South Korean company has already disclosed November 2022 security updateBefore November begins.

Yes, the November 2022 security update is available for Galaxy Z-Fold 4However, its second beta version is limited to running units A user interface 5.0. Earlier today, A second UI 5.0 beta update has been released for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 In India. Other markets where the company is testing a beta version of Android may get the update soon.

Samsung He did not disclose the vulnerabilities addressed by the November 2022 security update. We expect the company to release its security documentation within the next two weeks. The company may release the November 2022 security update for its high-end smartphones before the end of this month or within the first two weeks of November.

The South Korean company released the official One UI 5.0 update release schedule yesterday, revealing when its phones will be stabilized. Android 13 modernization. Most phones are expected to receive the update before the second half of next year.


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