It gets even crazier: Xiaomi’s next cheap flagship from Redmi comes with a 200MP camera



Xiaomi is above all characterized by the fact that they still want to offer larger numbers at cheaper price ranges every year. Also, you keep installing junk like a 2MP macro camera. But this is another story. It’s different with the main camera, this is where the biggest development always happens.

I think we have already reached a very crazy point of view. We thought the 50MP camera was crass and 108MP should finally be the end of it, but Samsung now packs 200MP into one camera sensor. Xiaomi is insisting on equipping the upcoming Redmi Note 12 Pro+.

Endless Megapixels: Xiaomi wants to offer more than the competition when it comes to cameras

It will soon be the cheapest flagship phone on the market and will follow seamlessly from its numerous predecessors. Xiaomi wants to be able to offer as many flagship features as possible, but stay in the mid-range with the price – under 500 euros. The highlight this time is Samsung’s HPX camera, which has a resolution of 200 MP.

It combines pixels with a size of 2.24 microns. So photos are not shot at 200 MP, but an almost infinite number of small pixels combined to create very large artificial pixels. This so-called pixel binning has been normal for a long time, but has been taken to extremes over the years.

Redmi Note 12 Pro Hpx Camera En Or

Of course, Xiaomi does not ignore the comparison with a high-end camera sensor from Sony. But we can be sure that the bottom line is that the quality will definitely not be at the level of very expensive smartphones. A lot has to do with the software, where Xiaomi only offers everything with the original flagship smartphone.

Xiaomi will introduce the new Redmi Note 12 smartphone in October. The German market launch will probably be a little later in the next few months

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