I love the iPhone: focus on using the camera. Don’t make this mistake



Anyone can use the iPhone relatively quickly after setting it up out of the box. Safe, easy, intuitive any melafonino. It’s one of Apple’s quirkier features, net of the elegance of its smartphones.

iPhone Camera - 20221025
iPhone Camera –

Basic functionalities are immediately apparent, while others – advanced ones – are discovered when you explore the operating system without a hack. Master i Hidden touch gestures Dell’iPhone A trick to help you become a more advanced iPhone user is using Quick Actions to interact with apps faster than usual.

i i l control center A Melafonino is one of the most important areas. A panel with quick switches and menus that let you bypass the app Settings. But this is one area of ​​the iPhone that new users may not necessarily be aware of.

A mistake that many make

Apple - 20221025
Apple –

to open control center, swipe down from the top right corner of an iPhone with a notch design The best part of this is the customization. How? Tap Settings, Control Center, then + to add the options you want to keep in this shortcut panel. With – you remove them. It’s easy to get excited about all the shortcuts you can add to Control Center this way. The important thing is to know how to long press: yes tap, but hold the screen until you get some response from iPhone. This is usually a small vibration.

But if Control Center is more of a weapon than the iPhone, then the camera This can turn out to be an Achilles heel. Here’s how to pull off a trend that Apple users often follow.

in the application the camera In the case of an iPhone, you don’t need to stretch your thumb to reach the top controls, say Live Photo, RAW shooting or flash controls. Because of this? simple

Even a Melafonino camera app has a hidden menu, a pure shortcut, just like Control Center. This is one of many tricks to shorten the road leading to performance worthy of the name.

The hidden menu, in fact, can be revealed quite simply. How? Make a small tap on the up arrow icon located at the top right in the center of the interface. And voila here is the bottom menu, much more convenient to use when using a camera iPhone The mistake many make is unnecessarily complicating your life.


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