Say goodbye to your profile, they’re taking it down: Go delete everything



Hackers manipulate online accounts on an industrial scale. Because entering a profile means being free to grab other people’s personal data, not to mention that you can browse, buy, talk and share incognito.

Delete Profile (Web Source)
Delete Profile (Web Source)

A phenomenon, great growth alas. “Hackers are taking those credentials and automatically bouncing them against every other account on the webLisa Plagemeier, Executive Director Dr National Cyber ​​Security Alliance.

Even if you don’t reuse the same password on another account, Software Hacker This can easily create repetition until you manage to get into a social profile, with unimaginable damage and all that goes with it.

More than 400 malicious applications. Mostly on Android

Android - 20221018
Android hosts many malicious apps –

It is a small step from theory to practice. The social profile, Of course, those who are most affected by hacker attacks. Other times, people hand over their logins to scammers themselves. How?

Responding to scam emails, for example, when you receive a notification that your Facebook page is scheduled for deletion and you need to log in immediately to appeal (bogus link below). Nothing could be more false than this, for it is not in the style of Mater. already, Meta.

Yes, the Mark Zuckerberg-led social media giant sought information google, but one apple, To remove nearly 400 applications that stole social profile login credentials. There is a reason for the request.

This is just one meta investigation that discovered that 355 Android applications, and only 47 iOS per iPhone e ipad, Once installed they tried to steal users Facebook account credentials. With excellent chances of success.

Other numbers that confirm meta requests, mostly to Google. 42.6% of the applications in question are photo editors, which are used to enhance photos. Found later.

15.4% concern utilities for work, 14.1% utilities for telephone. Apple concerns 11.7% of the fairy world gaming, Another rapidly expanding market segment. The same percentage for VPNs, another online phenomenon. In last place, with 4.4%, are apps in the lifestyle category. Meta announced that these 400 apps could be responsible for more than a million profile breaches.

They are a rich market related applications, such as social media, gaming, photos for retouching, pay maximum attention if you want to download them. And, above all, do not immediately push buttons that refer to links beyond suspicion.


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