SmallHD OS5 Beta-1 – Newshooter



SmallHD was recently published OS5 Beta-1. It adds new functionality and features to 28 different SmallHD monitors ranging from Focus 5 to 3203 HDR.

Screenshot 2022 07 02 3 01 21 PM

This is a fairly large update to the operating system of SmallHD monitors and it is good to see that SmallHD still supports older models.

The UI is one of the most important aspects of a product, especially a monitor. Having an intuitive, well-featured UI and operating system that often distinguishes between good monitors and great monitors.

Features added

Screenshot 2022 07 02 3 01 35 PM

OS5 Beta-1 adds the following features and functionality:

  • Look-around camera control
  • Enable HDMI out for 4K production monitors (allows a 3D LUT to be added to the output)
  • Multi-view on 4K production monitor
  • VISION monitor supports dual-view
  • All other 4K production monitors support up to quad-view
  • Added a Horizon Indicator tool (Add Tool> Frame> Horizon Level)
  • EL Zone Tool
  • Options in the Exposure Assist tool. Works only when using a LOG colored pipe
  • Image Capture cannot currently capture the EL Zone tool
  • Touch screen function buttons have been added to the touch screen monitor
  • Active 4K TX can now be assigned to a function button
  • Allows the use of function buttons to switch between paired transmitters
  • Switch from tri-linear to tetrahedral LUT interpolation
  • Added support for 33pt calibration LUT on 4K production monitors
  • 4K Production Monitor speakers are now enabled
  • Added configurable low voltage warning to 4K production monitors
  • Color pipes can be assigned to function buttons
  • Allow users to assign unique calibration to colored pipes
  • Improving general performance
  • Improves performance when switching between colored pipes
  • The Added Input tool allows you to assign a specific input to a video page
  • RED Log3G10 LUT has been updated
  • Advanced OLED 27 battery switching, both batteries should be drained before death
  • A monitor will not be able to transmit a connected 4K TX wireless module when outputting a video format when UI hints have been added
  • Unassigned function buttons can now be configured to do no work in the press
  • Added dashboard page to function button assignment
  • More granular backlight control allowed. 20% step to 5% step
  • Changed waveform axis for clarity when displaying code values ​​in legal range data
  • Decreasing the calibration saturation to 0 now shows a grayscale figure
  • Add LOG color pipe to all monitors (required for EL Zone Tool)
Screenshot 2022 07 02 2 59 18 PM

Above you can see what features the monitor can get.

Bug fixes

  • The Smart 7 monitor no longer has artwork when combining crop and scale with rotation
  • Fixed the problem of receiving 4K video from some HDMI sources
  • Advanced behavior for adding new page menus
  • Iris no longer prevents change when recording camera control for KOMODO
  • The Smart 7 touchscreen will stop responding occasionally
  • 4K Production Monitor Max Brightness mode now disables all color conversions correctly
  • Problems not aligned with the legend with waveform data have been solved
  • Fixed an issue where the pixel did not scroll through the zoom settings menu
  • The USB keyboard should work to control the monitor again
  • The 4K production monitor can no longer be locked by pressing the back button
  • RCP2 camera control: Auto focus menu no longer opens without AF lens
  • Fixed possible crashes in the image gallery menu
  • The SD card will be the default capture location as soon as a card is inserted
  • Fixed a bug for profile loading failure when profile> 1MB
  • Waveform ROI data is no longer rendered in the wrong color
  • Exiting the calibration menu no longer leaves custom calibration until a new calibration is created. Quitting quickly will return the calibration menu to its original state, before opening the calibration menu
  • Fixed problem with OLED 22 jude offset application when toggle off
  • 4K production monitors now report the name of the user-oriented monitor (such as sending HDMI from a computer)
  • Permanent 4K Production Monitor Waveform sometimes does not appear in DCI-4K video
  • The Color Pipe EI menu now scrolls correctly
  • The color picker active / inactive state is now saved through the power cycle
  • Data from the last clip is now available wirelessly on the RX monitor
  • Several bugs related to downstream video have been fixed

Beta 0 problem solved by beta 1

  • HDMI input from an M1 Mac does not work
  • After rebooting a monitor, the current page will not always be set to the correct input.
  • HDR + SDR colored pipes cannot be used together in multi view
  • The EL Zone tool may not work on some older products
  • The Smart 7 monitor does not work with SDI
  • Cycling wires may be required after the 4K production monitor is restarted before the SDI appears
  • The OLED 22 and OLED 27 display briefly turns black when switching inputs
  • 4K Production Monitor SDI does not work out
  • Suggested practice
  • Connect the third-party external recorder directly to the downstream of your source device (eg camera), not downstream of the monitor

Important beta software information

Beta 1 DSMC3 supports all monitors except RED Touch and Action 5. It is not compatible with legacy monitors (DP1, DP6, DP4, AC7, and DP7-PRO).