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More and more children, and at a younger age, find their first smartphone in their hands. There is no law prohibiting use based on date of birth and therefore, each parent must deal with their own decisions and preferences regarding the moment considered best for their children to start using. Regardless, it is imperative that use is careful, consistent and safe. Here are some tips.

Children's smartphones September 5, 2022
The careful use of smartphones and tablets by our children definitely requires parental vigilance and prudent companionship –

when Let our children use smartphones or tablets? And in what way? And how long? con which login And what kind of content? These are questions that every parent, at age “Modern residents”, he asks himself. And given the indications we get from observers of behavioral dynamics in relation to contemporary practice, sooner rather than later, families (not just Italian).

From date, in Italy There is no rule of law which impose restrictions on the use and enjoyment of digital technology based on age, although proposals of various kinds and for various reasons have often been advanced in this regard. So, for now, every parent is coping Own decision and choice About the time they think is most suitable for their children to start using smartphones and tablets and sometimes even PCs.

i am machine Which undoubtedly gives those who use them a huge range of possibilities for games and entertainment, learning and even productivity. At the same time, however, threat And the risk Overexposure and overuse of the device can cause serious problems habitfrom disruption Psychophysical and even of abuse Our privacy and intimacy, from which our children are protected is absolutely essential.

Tips for using an Android device carefully from our kids

What to do with children's smartphones September 5, 2022
Google’s Family Link app can be a useful companion for monitoring activities performed on smartphones –

So if we as parents decide to hand over a smartphone or tablet to our children young ageHere are some tips for setting up and ensuring security systems Low exposure to risk is possible.

If you use the operating system Androidthrough the app Family Link Google parents can supervision Your kids’ smartphone use. It is a rather complete application that offers parents Numerous possibilities Their kids will love the way they use the device.

at the time of registrationBoth parents can enter Information Their children and themselves generality, as the guardian responsible for supervision. Then they can decide Which apps can be used by minors and which can’t; If the child is able to intervene settings; which limit daily use set; How long to keep chronology navigation and so on

All this, always being able to supervise Statistics of use, updated in real time and remotely. And, in the case of detection of a “reckless” use, or suspicion of exposure to risk, decide It’s block.

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