Sony had to build a gaming monitor for the PC because the PS5 was not enough


It’s no secret that Sony is building a gaming monitor for the PC that can work well with the PS5. The PC gaming business is too big to ignore, and there is only money on the power table from other monitor manufacturers.

Sony didn’t say those exact words, but I didn’t need to know that I made that decision To announce two gaming monitors this week. Another reason is that Sony’s increased focus on services means that the PS Plus will eventually surpass the console. Showing your games to more people instead of banning them has become a welcome change of strategy in recent years as exclusive games have become a welcome change of strategy.

But Sony was late for this special party. The Nintendo Switch’s steam deck and Valve’s steam deck are designed to run anywhere, and Microsoft doesn’t make gaming monitors (it’s actually the norm), it focuses on developing the Xbox by improving PC compatibility, and its cloud capabilities are displayed from more devices. . Such as phones and tablets and even now, Select Samsung TV. If someone doesn’t join Xbox Games Pass, they get instant access to a variety of games from their couch, phone or office for a reasonable monthly fee. Incredible A little faster. You’re almost stupid not to try.

With new gaming monitors from Sony, the company is only expanding to a very limited extent. That’s a big deal, because Sony has historically focused on controlling the living room, not the office or wherever you put your computer. However, it stands out as an outlier, unlike Nintendo, Microsoft and Valve, who are now focusing on giving you the ability to play your games anywhere.

Regardless of the success of Sony’s new M9 monitor, it’s interesting to think about This, $ 899 screen (and $ 529 model coming this winter), Sony’s next big step to reach more gamers. You must arrive Something Gamers: Those who see more value on a 27-inch screen than those who buy something bigger with 48-inch OLED or less impressive glasses at the same fairly $ 1,000 price point. However, it seems that Sony is still trying its best (and improving) among the embarrassing but ultimately solvable problems in its console strategy.

To be clear, Sony is not in a sad place about the PS5. He is he It has sold 17.3 million consoles since its launch in late 2020 to late 2021. Become PS5 The first Nintendo Switch is the best-selling line-breaker console in 33 months In the United States. About a year has passed since then Sony has announced that it is making $ 499 PS5 Instead of losing each console.

Sony’s gaming business is doing well right now … but there are some elements of its business that need to be improved so that Sony gamers can meet better wherever they are: anywhere, on any device.

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Sony’s new multi-level subscription for PS Plus It cannot currently compete directly with the quality, simplicity and wide availability of Xbox game passes. I’m sure it’ll get better over time, but its new UI and games library feel so full of information that it’s selling me for a service I’ve already paid for and have no experience using – at least for the PlayStation, Which never came out.

While Sony is working on it, I also like this whole service, complete with PS5 game streaming to go to PC, Mac and mobile as soon as possible. Heck, maybe Sony can clear its message because aside from console usage, how you can play Sony’s huge library console games and how you can’t play is quite confusing. Currently creating a file Remote play-app For PC, Mac and mobile, but it requires you to own a PS4 or PS5 and be on the same network. On PC, Sony actually goes halfway with the current PS Plus app, which makes it possible. You can stream games on PCBut it only supports older DualShock 4 controllers, not Sony’s PS5 DualSense controller. Also, PS5 games are completely missing from the PC app – only PS4 games with some old console classics mixed in it.

In order to spread beyond the couch, Sony really needs to find out what cloud game streaming is all about. Has a bad reputation These potatoes fumbled A long time ago and still don’t really know where he wore it, though ridiculously, Microsoft itself powers Sony’s streaming technology. I’ve heard of other good experiences streaming PS3 and PS4 games via PS Plus, but even though my PS5 is connected to a capable network via Ethernet, the game launches are much slower and slower than the great EXCLUDE experience.

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Great screens won’t solve Sony’s gaming problems, but they do the next best thing: Sony offers its own solution for gamers who don’t want to sit on the couch playing on the console. People work from a distance. You sit at your desk at home all day. Selling these people a monitor that handles regular PC tasks in addition to gaming and also includes Nifty features for PS5 owners puts Sony where people want to play – where Sony thinks they shouldn’t. Or at least that plan.

I’ve really enjoyed using the M9 screen so far. I’m still testing it, but it ticks in a lot of boxes for both PS5 and PC gamers. It has a 4K IPS panel with a 144Hz refresh rate, and the full 96-zone local blur is instantly stunning, which makes HDR even more impressive. We need to see if it’s really good to be able to keep up with the best current gaming monitors in this price range. But his presence will not be misleading. Sony is no longer competing for TV time; Now you want to be somewhere else where you want to play.

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