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To promote its premiere Star Wars: Revenge of the Seth At the time, Lukasfilm joined forces with the animator responsible for the film, Gendi Tartakowski. Samurai Jack y Dexter’s LabTo create an animated series focusing on the events between the second and third episodes of the franchise created by George Lucas, known as Clone Wars. Now, It was recently revealed that this cartoon will come to Disney + in a few days.

Through his official Twitter account, Disney + announced it Star Wars: The Clone Wars It will be available on the streaming platform from July 6, 2022. The mini-series has three seasons with a total of 25 episodes, where we get to see some of the events that took place during the Clone Wars.

Although Clone Wars At that time it was quite popular Lucasfilm has finally removed the series from the official canon, to make room for it Clone Wars, 3D animated series directed by Dave Filoni. This product is now available on Disney + 6 Looks like the only thing missing from this platform right now is the Star Wars Christmas Special.

In related topics, it is revealed when the next Star Wars celebration will take place. Similarly, Chris Evans has spoken of taking part in a project in this series.


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Lots Clone Wars As Clone Wars They consider the Genndy Tartakovsky series to be very good fast and short, Disney + is a suitable platform for a marathon.

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