Steven Spielberg used a smartphone for his new shooting: which model is it? –


It was only a matter of time, and finally here we are: filmmakers are starting to use smartphones as their primary cameras. This is the case with an iPhone and one of the most important masters of the Hollywood camera, Steven Spielberg.

Marcus Mumford during the shooting of the video – 29722

An iPhone, an office chair with wheels and the magical hands of the master Steven Spielberg. Here are the three main characters of this incredible story, which once again confirms that the quality of smartphones, in terms of video footage, has now reached the peak of excellent quality. It was enough to convince one of the most famous and prolific directors in Hollywood history to use him for his new music video.

Let’s talk about the singer of Mumford & Son, Marcus Mumford And his new song Cannibal. The single video was shot by director Steven Spielberg, who wanted to experiment with using equipment that wasn’t really a film set to shoot the video. In short, Uncle Steven is equipped with an iPhone and An office chair with wheels as a dolly To shoot video clip scenes.

Shot a video with an iPhone? Steven Spielberg enjoys experimenting

What emerged is long Sequence shot, without cuts, with a deliberately amateur front and produced by the cinema master. His wife is helping Hollywood talent Kate Capshaw, which saw her husband pushing back and forth while taking the only time. Marcus Mumford himself revealed the incident directly from his Twitter profile. Filming took place at a school in New York on July 3. Some of the images bear witness to the curious approach taken by the father of incredible sagas of the caliber of Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones and ET.

We leave you with the video, strictly in black and white, in an uninterrupted shot that approaches and moves away from the singer during the performance of the song. There is no absolute certainty that this is one iPhoneBut the stability and quality of the footage suggest that this is a device from Cupertino.

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