Spy X Family will have a musical


Undoubtedly, Spy X Family It has become one of the most loved anime, due to its very funny premise that managed to hook the masses practically from the first moment. And like any successful work, it needs to expand to other horizons, which is why it was officially announced that it will have its own live musical.

Even the names of the two actors who will play the lead roles have already been announced. for Lloyd Forger, Win Morisaki and Mikazuki Munechika They will present themselves as this same official account Twitter News of their performance in the upcoming musical was shared.

The Musical “Spy X Family”

At a glance.

Lloyd Forger (W Cast)

Lloyd Actor: Win Morisaki

On the other hand, such is declared your will be played by Fuka Yuzuki and Mirei Sasaki, and official accounts Twitter He also broke the news with revelations about Lloyd.

The Musical “Spy X Family”

Your Forger (W Cast)

Your Forger: Fuka Yuzuki

Note that the staging will be from 8 to 29 March of 2023. Only in Japan

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