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Will PC games soon be more expensive? At least when it comes to Steam’s new pricing advice, which Valve recently revamped. More or less drastic price hikes are recommended for almost all currencies, but the implementation is ultimately up to the developers.

Despite old and new competition from the Epic Games Store or subscription models such as Xbox Game Pass, Valve’s Steam gaming platform remains the top dog for PC gaming. Not only big studios but also small indie developers can take advantage of the platform’s popularity to help make their games successful. in Steam-shop Developers can easily sell their games in different countries and currencies.

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To make this sale even easier, the company is now a Revised Price Tool The presentation should indicate, among other things, if the specified price deviates significantly from the normal price level of a particular currency. The second change is particularly interesting for players: a revision of the price recommendation.

Consistent Price Recommendation: No obligation, but a guide for developers

This advice is intended for developers Pricing assistance For those who don’t have the time or resources to look at the 39 coins supported by Steam. A suggested retail price in other currencies is provided based on the original price in US dollars, which the developer must not comply with.

Still, it can be assumed that price adjustments will be effective in the long run as the first manufacturers get the ball rolling and consumers get used to higher prices. From these recommendations, according to Steam affordability And Exchange rate of respective region Dependent and should be checked and updated annually in the future.

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Like an overview of the site SteamDB shows that some countries are more affected by adjustment, others less so. In the price range of $0.99 to $4.99, Price advice for Euros 25 percent, but beyond that the price of the game in euros will not increase by more than 20 percent. In the USD 29.99 price range, for example, the Euro price rose 16 percent from 24.99 euros to 28.99 euros. The price is especially noticeable for AAA games, because Anyone who previously paid €49.99 for a game will pay €58.99 under the new recommendation.. The adjusted price proposals for the Turkish lira and the Argentine peso are particularly harsh: the new price proposals there are about 400 to 500 percent higher than previous proposals.


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