Streamer takes Yu-Gi-Oh! to the next level




Sometimes fans of certain franchises take their tastes to unimaginable levels, this has been seen with video games made by them and even casual clothing that seems to be the most original. And now, a fan of the franchise Yu-Gi-Oh! Takes the monster duel to a new level, something fans of the animated version have been wanting to see for years.

french user, Superjulux One of the most impressive card game tricks to date, with a game pad and camera setup that, thanks to augmented reality technology, can stream 3D versions of your monsters as you play cards. This is very similar to the projections seen in the anime.

It is worth mentioning that the user had to learn to develop in Unreal Engine to program and animate the monsters. Also dive into the Arduino scene to be able to assemble the necessary hardware. As well as learning how NFC works and how he can use it, the necessary actions are triggered when he places the cards in his box.

It refers to the user associated with the project:

Fortunately, I have been able to surround myself with passionate and competent people who have been able to share their experiences with me on this journey of obstacles. I doubted all the time, but after all I learned. I learned that on a project that I wanted to do alone, it was important to surround myself. Alone we go faster, in a group we go further, this maxim has never resonated with me so much during this project.

Here’s a video showing the process:

Remember that Yu-Gi-Oh! New cards continue to be released, both in video games and in physical formats.

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Publisher’s Note: Undoubtedly, most fans of this card game will be excited, as many have dreamed of seeing monsters take these forms and use their moves.


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