Take-Two uses leaked footage from GTA 6 to remove Goat Simulator 3 ads



Goat Simulator 3 developer Kofi Stein North has recently been issued a takedown notice by the authorities at Take-Two after using leaked GTA 6 footage in a trailer.

The trailer in question (which I saw) introduced a non-playable character named Shawn. It was a hilarious build up with Sean giving an interview about his work on Goat Simulator 3.

Goat Simulator 3 received a celebratory update earlier this month.

Here she boasts about her impressive skills as a puppeteer (she went to “the best puppet school in the world”, as you can see) and reflects on how sometimes she thinks about the whole world just by sitting on a bench. All in all a pretty innocuous thing.

However, the thing that caught everyone’s attention (as if it was almost all) was the inclusion GTA 6 screenshots leaked which entered the forest earlier this year.

Speaking about his other work, NPC Sean said: “I have other things in the pipeline, other big game worlds. You can actually see me in some of the leaked screenshots from a few months ago.”

With that said, the trailer is a shot of Shaun in an edited clip from the GTA 6 leak.

Needless to say, Rockstar Malik wasn’t happy with the take-two shot, and the trailer has now been removed from various Goat Simulator 3 channels. In its place, it says, “This media has been removed due to notice from the copyright owner.”

Eurogamer has reached out to Kofi Stan for comment.

As for GTA 6 and this leak, a 17-year-old from Oxfordshire is said to be behind it. He appeared in court in September. The teenager, who has not been named, has been charged with two counts of computer misuse and two counts of breaching bail conditions.

Meanwhile, Rockstar acknowledged the leak in September and said it was “extremely disappointed” about the situation. Additionally, it said the leak would not have any “long-term impact” on game development in general.


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