Tekken 8 release date may be announced earlier than expected



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This year has been full of surprises in terms of video game announcements, including titles like this one Fire Emblem Engage, Resident Evil 4 Remake, Need for Speed ​​Unbound Among many others, however, the one that surely had the most impact was Revelation tekken 8, The next installment of the great fighting franchise owned Bandai Namco.

And although there are announcements, there’s been no update on the release date, or at least that’s what was thought recently. Report as internal Gaming , Bandai Namco A new call with investors recently said that Tekken 8 May be released at some point 2023which may occur during the financial year.

That is, the launch will be April 1, 2023The last date is March 31, 2024. At the same time, it will come to compete directly with rival franchises that are being developed Capcom, Street FighterAs it will also launch its sixth official video game soon.

Something worth mentioning about the launch is that it is completely targeting the new generation, i.e. it will only be launched on new consoles e.g. PS5 y Xbox Series X/S. This may give you an advantage, since the case Street Fighter VIwill reach PS4And it could be the key to many more technology demonstrations.

For now, we have to wait for some official announcement from our side Bandai Namco.

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Editor’s note: Hopefully Tekken 8 makes an appearance, so we can consider 2023 as one of the most promising games. To make it easier, Zelda: Tiers of The Kingdom, Spider-Man 2, Starfield, among other greats, will be arriving.


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