Telegram, the trick that changed your life: You can go back to using it



Sometimes it may happen that you are unable to use one of the most popular functions of Telegram for various reasons. Here’s how to fix it

Telegram The most popular messaging app of recent times. With its constant updates and introduction of “premium” programs, the alternative platform to WhatsApp has acquired many new interesting features that have helped to increase its popularity even among users who are less attentive to technical issues.

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thank you Telegram In fact, it is not only possible to keep in touch with friends and relatives, but also to send files, make video calls and follow some of the most interesting topics through groups and channels. One of the most recent features made available by the developers is Voice notes. By pressing the appropriate icon in the Telegram chat, depicting a microphone (in full WhatsApp “style”, just to be about the comparison), each user will be able to send a voice note to their contacts.

In addition, Multi-channel The messaging app allows interested parties to take advantage of this function through smartphones and tablets and PCs, the latter drawing on the desktop version of Telegram.

he Send a voice note on Telegram It’s quite simple, it may happen that you can’t anymore see Microphone icon. The reasons may vary, the first of which is the lack of approval of the application. In fact, to work, Telegram needs access to some functions or important parts of the device, such as the microphone. Without this permission, it is not possible to send voice notes on Telegram.

If so, it will be enough for you Check application permissions. Enter the smartphone settings and select Telegram in the app section by granting all the various permissions.

Voice note icon disappeared in Telegram: How to fix

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To be on the same page, we suggest you too Clear the cache.

Sometimes, voice notes not working may be due to using older version Telegram. It is important, in this case, Keep the app up to dateAlso to access continuous functions and improvements made by developers.

The last technique, or rather technique, is used square icon. If you no longer see the microphone icon, it’s likely that a square icon has appeared to the right of the conversation in its place. If so, all you need to do to send a voice note on Telegram is click the square icon to start voice recording.


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