That would be the price of the PlayStation console with current inflation




For more than 20 years, play station It came to consolidate itself as a star platform in the world of video games, after a failed deal NintendoIn the end he went with Phillips. Each device has its suggested price, but if current inflation was taken into account, the payment figure would undoubtedly be higher.

Here we show you a list of prices that are all up to date with inflation, incl play station 5. Check it out here:

1.- PS3 – $733.08 (20GB) $879.99 (60GB)

2.- PS1 – $581.07

3.- PS2 – $514.26

4.- PS4 – $507.27

5.- PS5 – $456.60 (Digital), $571.03 (Disco)

6.- PSP – $377.61

7.- PSVita – $321.20

It can be seen that Playstation 3 It’s positioned as the console that might be the most expensive due to inflation, at the time it wasn’t cheap at all, because in places like Mexico It came at an inflated price. And another detail that attracts attention is the fact that the original device is second and last PS5If we focus on the home console part.

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