The Apple Store prepares a shock for all iPhone and Mac users: a sharp increase of 20% –


Apple is set to raise the price of apps in the App Store, where tens of thousands of users buy Apple and third-party apps every day Here’s how much they’ll increase and when the increase will take effect.

Apple: Rising prices in the App Store are coming soon – 21922

A nightmare 2022 for virtually all sectors. A wave of rapid inflation, bill hikes, fuel and any food items Technology market. On the one hand, iPhone 14 e iPhone 14 Pro Which, as we’ve seen this year, is a tolerable one A surcharge on the price list of several hundred euros; On the other hand, applications and services in the App Store, which will increase the cost considerably.

Let’s talk +20% Among the average price of applications, which will be effective In the first week of October 2022. Another shock for consumers, who have been gripped left and right due to price hikes and after increases in power and gas, energy, construction, food and hi-tech products, now have to deal with a significant increase in applications on the App Store. .

Why is the cost of the App Store increasing?

Apple: Rising prices in the App Store are coming soon - 21922
Apple: Rising prices in the App Store are coming soon – 21922

The growth of the iPhone 14, as well as the growth of apps in the App Store, is due to ample reasons Towards global inflationbut one The Euro-Dollar exchange is now in reverse Europeans among us. To give an example, the iPhone 14 is sold in Italy for €1,029, while in the US it costs “only” $799 (plus taxes to be calculated separately). A big difference!

Now App Store apps will also grow, which will no longer start from Canonical 0,99€But will suffer a 20% increase when switching 1,19€ as a base price. Same goes for the highest price That goes up from €999 to €1,199. From the date the price increase will start October 5, 2022So our advice is to stock up now on paid apps that are priced at the current cost

However, the cost associated with the subscription will not suffer any increase: the increase will be at the discretion of the developer. Among the markets interested in increasing spending on the App Store, the European one, therefore italianAlso Chile, Egypt, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, South Korea, Sweden and Vietnam.

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