The Gmail app has been updated and presented some very useful news for the users –


The big news is that it will soon be part of the Gmail app for Android. Here’s what you need to know about it

Over the past few years, work by the developer team Google He has also focused on implementing new features in many applications that are part of the company’s ecosystem. Just thinking GmailProbably the most used mailbox in the world.

Gmail’s latest update for Android adds an interesting innovation to search (Unsplash)

Among the many features introduced in recent months, there are some very interesting features. And many are just waiting to see the light. In the case of this example Search filters, Is already available but will appear shortly when you look at labels and folders. An improvement that would be an exclusive right at least for the momentEvery app on Android.

Gmail, search filters are always available on Android

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Search filters will have a more relevant and clearly visible position than ever before Waiting for iOS to expand (Adobe Stock)

A big news, which some experts have already noticed in the 2022.05.01 version Gmail For Android and it should come to iOS soon. Thanks for the latest update, you can open any default labels or folders in the app Carousel under search bar. Here it will be possible to access search filters, which allow the individual user to refine everything to find what they are looking for.

You can choose between: From, to, attachments, dates, unread and exclusive calendar updates. That is, all the filters that were already available when you searched in Gmail, but now have one The most relevant location On Android. However, there is a possibility to remove them by tapping the button to return to the initial interface Hide filter It appears whenever you switch to another label. All that’s left is to wait and see when and when the update will be available on iOS. From Android, you just need to access Play Store And update the app to be able to enjoy the novelty.

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