The new Google Pixel 7 Pro has been discovered



Google has been selling the Pixel 7 Pro for a long time now, and you’d actually think the hardware was isolated. However, source code from Google reveals other scenarios. A Pixel 7 Pro can be seen, equipped with slightly different hardware.

Cheetah is the codename of Pixel 7 Pro (C10) and now Cheetah (G10) is likely to be spotted. Cheetah’s German name is Gepard. Which only goes to show that this is likely the better-known Pixel 7 Pro.

Probably a test for the Pixel 8

It will be exciting the sea developer Kuba W. But only when you look deeper into the source code. It says that a different provider has been specified for the display in this case. BOE instead of Samsung. A Qualcomm Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is also mentioned here.

It is not known what is behind it. The codename G10 has been known for months. It is believed to be a very early prototype for the upcoming Pixel 8. So Google is testing new hardware today.

Pixel 7a: Hints of flagship hardware

Further analysis and research recently revealed that Google is preparing a significantly more powerful Pixel 7a. There’s even talk of flagship hardware, with a major upgrade expected for the camera and eventually wireless charging for the A-series.

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