The new trailer for The Last of Us Part I has been released


Today was a bit difficult naughty dogAs some pictures are related Our last part I, which gave the impression of not being a clear improvement over the original game. However, a new trailer was released with new screenshots and comments from the developers.

In the video they show a direct comparison to our version of the video game PS4 and new PS5, it also mentions the implementation of some built-in mechanics from the second part, including the ability to break glass and a better sight for shooting. Adaptation is added with that control dualsense from the console.

Here you can see it:

In addition to everything, new clothes are mentioned to come came y Joel In the game, this is as part of the celebration of almost 10 years since the release of the original game. So it is possible to see clothes with company logo in more attractive winks.

Remember that Our last part I is turned on 2 September for PS5. A version of pc Also under development.

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