The one-punch man hiatus will end soon


Both manga and anime in recent months One-Punch Man For fans gone crazy, it’s because of the return of new chapters and arcs Garo That’s over. And although the creator of the franchise, Yusuke Murata, Having taken some time off to rest, it seems fans already have a formula for getting back into print.

According to himself Murata inside Twitter, you’ve enjoyed your break and are ready to get back to work. Did the artist comment that the series will come back with a new chapter 22 September. It will be exactly one month after the mangaka’s mini vacation, which started last August, specifically in the middle of the month.

Thanks for waiting. The next update for Tonazan’s version of One Punch Man is scheduled for the 22nd. Thank you very much.

For now, fans are desperate to see where he goes next. One-Punch Man. The original series has several story arcs supported by Murata And of course the artist takes license to ink manga. It is worth mentioning that the anime of the name Man of the Name was included in the production, since the original work remains one in the title

Note that the chapters are available on streaming platforms.

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