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Multiversus came to stay After a somewhat rocky start, the free-to-play fighting game has managed to gain a good fan base and the developers have launched a second season of the title. Here we can not only expect more rewards and additional skins, But a new character and never-before-seen setting is on the way.

The biggest news for Second season Multiversus Marvin Martin is included as an entirely new characteras well as being inspired by a setting game of thrones. These two additions don’t have a release date yet, but will be available for free in a future update.

Its second season Multiversus It will also feature a new, improved Battle Pass that, unlike the first season, will offer rewards at all levels for both free and premium tracks. The skins found here are Sherlock Holmes-themed variants of Tom and JerryA conductor outfit for Bugs and a space suit for Velma.

Finally, the in-game store will also open offers as Season 2 begins New skins for Samurai Batman, Evil Morty and Fern Finn to buy with coins Multiversus. On a related note, it looks like Joker is coming to the headlines. Likewise, the experience needed to level up has increased.


Editor’s note:

I’m not a fan of it though MultiversusIt’s nice to see the game survives, and the developers manage to provide the necessary support to keep a community active as long as possible.

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