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Simulation games today aren’t as big as they used to be, of course, as are exponents of the genre animal crossing o The Sims gameBut those are styles Age of Empire They are slowly disappearing. However, there are projects like Victoria d Those who are still betting on the genre, and this leads us to the fact that this video game is already available.

This new historical strategy game paradox interactive. Set in the century 1836 to 1936, it is characterized as the guiding spirit not just of a nation, but of a population, responding to their material and political needs as technology, ideology, and diplomacy transform the world.

Every subject on the map, from a slave to a powerful industrialist, has a part to play in this epic drama as you build factories, trade valuable goods, reform governments and more. This means that management is the most important thing.

Here you can watch its official trailer:

This is the characteristic that defines that Victoria d In their official statement:

Infinite replayability: Dozens of Victorian-era countries, from industrial powerhouses like Great Britain and giants like Russia and Qing China to powers-in-waiting like Japan or colonial Canada.

Deep social simulation: Every inhabitant of your nation is simulated, whether peasant or worker, capitalist or artisan, with personal beliefs and political preferences.

Challenging economic game: The game allows the economy to grow through new industries and institutions, trading surplus goods in the world’s many markets and importing what is needed to make life more affordable for its population.

diplomatic risk: Use diplomatic tactics, asking for the support of your allies, while imposing demands on weaker countries or rivals.

– Political development: To govern the various political parties of the country through laws and reforms.

– A living world: The player will be able to see the map change, as newly built railways run between prosperous cities

The game is available now pc medium steam.

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