There is new information about the supposed Pixel 7 Ultra



Google could unveil more than two Pixel 7 phones by October 6, with a possible Pixel 7 Ultra also circling us this year. Recently, Apple has restructured its portfolio, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Google and Samsung also positioned themselves a little differently.

However, Google’s source codes contain a very exciting device that is precisely tied to the new camera sensors. One can speculate that this could be an experimental device for the future. But it could be a Pixel 7 Ultra equipped with the latest hardware.

The device, called “Lynx” in Google’s source code, is said to integrate the new IMX712 camera sensor twice. This information is new. According to source code-searching developer Kuba Wojciechowski, one of the two sensors is clearly designated for ultra-wide angle.

Unfortunately, we don’t have much more to learn at this point.

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