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Dragon Age poster

The day is being celebrated today on December 4 dragon age. As with other series, EA and BioWare know how important these celebrations are to fans Thus, a few moments ago interesting information was revealed about some projects in development of this series, and One of them is about the show that will be coming to Netflix in a few days

As part of the announcements that will take place, The new poster of its main character is out today Dragon Age: Liberation, the animated series that will be available on Netflix on December 9. Here we get a better look at Miriam, Hira, Roland and more.

Dragon Age: Liberation It is a six part series. The story was developed in close collaboration between BioWare and Netflix.. Undoubtedly, a project that all fans will appreciate. Remember, this production will be available from November 9th. On a related note, you can check out the new preview here Dragon Age: Dreadwolf.


Editor’s note:

Dragon Age: Liberation This looks like an interesting adaptation of BioWare’s work. Considering that Netflix has a large catalog of video game adaptations, it’s very likely that this new project will have the same quality of production. Castlevania y mystical.

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