They give reasons why the remaster of GoldenEye 007 was not presented


A rumor for some time that relaunch is related GoldenI007, Which could not see the light of day due to rights issues related to the film. For its part, it has also been mentioned that there are more specific problems, which are directly related to the current war between European countries.

As reported by industry experts Jeff Grubb Inside Twitter And this was confirmed by Eurogamera, which is a new version of the classic Nintendo 64 “It’s still stagnant because of the war.” Although unofficial, it would match the report that the title has been in almost complete form for some time only the announcement is still missing.

Statement here:

Goldenai is still in turmoil due to the war. 1 v 100 Team Leader quits Microsoft. I don’t know what it means to play.

Acquired website Xbox TrueAchievements iThe game ncluded in January, and this is not the first time Microsoft Trying to get Golden eyes On your consoles. It was confirmed that a version of the original was in development for it Live arcade Of Xbox 360But it was canceled due to licensing issues, and game files were leaked online in February. 2021 .

For now, two things remain to be realized, first and foremost, the war Russia The opposite Ukraine, The same that although it did not create new news, it is still in motion at this time. Second, a confirmation Microsoft It tells us that at some point we will see the return of such legendary spies on consoles.

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