They report how much money Microsoft loses on each Xbox sold




In recent days, the director Dr Xbox, Phil Spencer, He has found himself in multiple interviews where he talks about the future that awaits the company and how they envision it. It was even mentioned in some that they will even increase the price eventually and the reason behind it may already be revealed.

talk to CNBC, spencer Explain that Microsoft subsidizes the cost of its consoles Xbox With the expectation that people will later spend money on its profitable add-on products. Ensures that the company loses about $100 y $200 dollars per unit Xbox Series X and S sale

Phil Spencer admitted that Xbox This console can’t maintain the price forever, and its main competitor sony Prices have already gone up play station 5 inside Europe, UK, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America and Canada. So they have to get down to work so that the profit does not decrease in a short period of time.

Of course, no time has been commented on the date of the price increase, because for now they want to give positive news to consumers, of course they will wait for some headlines. 2023 Launched to implement the strategy. Shopping is added to it activation blizzard nearby, so they will wait for this important event to happen.

for now Microsoft Prices continue to hold, at least for the Christmas season.

Through: IGN


Publisher’s Note: Many users usually purchase additional peripherals with their console purchase, to which we would add service contracts such as Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass. So I don’t think getting that money back is that complicated.


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