They reveal why Piccolo changes color in Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes




The movie last month dragon ball Super: Super Hero It was all the rage in Latin America, as it marked the return of the franchise to the big screen after a few years of waiting. For many the result was spectacular, given that the constant is removed from the main character goku y vegetable Like to pass two great characters picoro y Gohan.

About these two, the author of the work at the time of the tape, Akira ToriyamaGiven a new transformation for each of them, these are Gohan In beast mode and picoro fit orange. For some fans it was strange to watch named Turning this color, and wondering why such a decision was reached, luckily there is an answer for everything.

Akira Toriyama confirmed that Piccolo is already on Goku's level in Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes.  The Spaghetti Code

The creator of the franchise told the media:

Since he doesn’t have hair, I can’t change it for the transformation, so I made him stronger and gave him an orange color, to make him stand out more from his base form. Despite this, it can be difficult to distinguish it from its normal form. Maybe I should have exaggerated it more, but personally I like that it’s got a power capable of rivaling Goku and others. Orange picoro is named like picoro, because it’s not in very good taste in naming it, is it?

Remember that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero It is still showing in a few cinemas.

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Publisher’s Note: Undoubtedly, this movie is a decent return for the franchise, so we hope that new episodes will be confirmed for the anime in a few months, since the arcs of the manga are looking very exciting at the moment.


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