This iPhone costs more than 100,000 euros, you are rich if you own this model It’s the details that make the difference



When we talk about the iPhone we talk about the excellence of the mobile phone, the object that is included in the invention that really changed the history of the world and the way of communication. How many of us remember how we did without cell phones? It seems like a simple question, but if we think today how useful it is, if used in the right way, this small and light accessory, it seems a lifetime ago.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone to the world on January 9, 2007 at the inaugural Macworld conference. No one could have imagined what would happen with the market arrival of this new device, which arrived at Apple and Cingular/AT&T stores in the US a few months after its presentation in June of the same year.

Apple logo
Logo Apple (Canva)

iPhone has revolutionized the way we communicate, Because it packs the functions of three devices into one: a mobile phone, an iPod, and an Internet communicator. From that moment on, Apple’s progress was unstoppable, and to this day millions of people eagerly await the news in their mobile heads, i New models and updates Presented by the company.

The Caviar Daytona mobile phone is priced at 135,000 Euros

As we know, every mobile phone manufacturing company constantly presents updated news and models and users are naturally driven to buy the latest model of their favorite smartphone. But this Apple model that has it, really has itgold in your hands

Caviar Daytona (Photo Caviar)
Caviar Daytona (Photo Caviar)

We’re now used to going beyond typical smartphone models to truly unique and collectible pieces, and this sample is proof of that. It will really leave you speechless. is called Caviar Daytona, As it was named, and is a unique blend between an Apple cellphone and a luxury Daytona model watch. it is iPhone 14 Pro, adorned with diamonds but whose incredible feature is a Rolex Daytona set on the back. Designed by Caviar Jewellers, the iPhone costs 135,000 euros.

Caviar Daytona is handmade, and they will be Only three pieces available. “Rolex is the perfect watch for those who aim high and aim for the best. It is natural that one of the most legendary collections of the brand – Daytona – is dedicated to racing and designed for professional drivers”, explains the official page of the super luxury model.

“The Rolex watch is not the only addition to the iPhone, but is part of an artistic composition that pays homage to the history of the Rolex Daytona collection. The body of the phone is designed in the style of a racing car from the 1930s, e.g. Campbell’s Bluebird, cHe set a world speed record at the Daytona track. The decorative speedometer and gold switches create the image of a supercar dashboard, marking the beginning of the exquisite Rolex Daytona watch collection”. In short, a real work of art.


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