This is how MFA works, the new phone scam Atomics




In recent years, fraud by Telephone They have been updated to work in the modern era. Thus, a scam known as MFA has recently become quite popular, which seeks to take advantage of the patience of all victims, To steal your device data, and continue this trick with other people.

Fraud based on authentication or multi-factor authentication, or MFA, occurs when a hacker manages to obtain your email or phone number. Thus, You will start receiving constant messages through WhatsApp and other similar applications. While you can ignore it completely and suffer no consequences, MFA focuses on sending verification codes continuously, until you manage to receive it due to fatigue or error.

Once hackers take action, your data will be stolen and in some cases, they will use your WhatsApp profile to ask your contacts for money. So what is the way to avoid this? Well, that sounds weird. The best course of action is to ignore the initial messages. Thus, it becomes a war, where the first to surrender will lose.

On a related note, massive layoffs have been reported at Twitter. Similarly, Elon Musk wants to revive an old social network.


Editor’s note:

Of all the scams, the MFA can be the best and the worst at the same time. Although this can be avoided by simply skipping all messages, not everyone can tolerate the constant ringing of a cell phone receiving message after message or one may simply make a mistake.

Through: Drowsiness.


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