This is the sad past of your Briar of the Spy X family


Often, one of the main reasons that drives fans to get hooked on an anime is the graphic story, which we understand. Naruto, a piece, fruit basket, among others. However, many sad past that is mentioned from a character Spy X FamilyThe hitman who didn’t have a happy enough life.

As perceived in the anime version, the girl is a confident young woman who shows a level of assertiveness, which can be broken at the slightest provocation with a question that embarrasses her. So can be considered your As a person who, despite his rough surface, also hides a sensitive heart.

your briar

First of all, your He lost his parents, never lived with anyone except his younger brother, Yuri, so he had to use the necessary effort to survive. This led him to become an assassin, since he couldn’t do anything else, after all he had no professional education or anything like that.

Given this, I was under pressure to care Yuri, a responsibility that did not suit him, and was one of the reasons he found an outlet in alcohol. This can be added when they eat spoiled food, which causes them to get hurt, especially with small animals like insects.

However, everything has improved yourBecause it has company brought y lazyAlthough they are not a real family, you will gradually see the affection they share with each other.

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