This is the social network where Twitter users are moved by Elon Musk




Recently this has been confirmed Twitter Already owned by the employer Elon musk, who has stated his intention to improve the platform for years to come and, above all, to eliminate bots and protect freedom of expression. And for this reason, many users are already moving to other sites, being the most famous Mastodon.

According to the medium known as wired, between October 20 and 27, about 18 thousand people created an account on this page, and as of October 28, there were 381,113 users. This network was created in 2016, with the aim of being different TwitterEspecially on decentralization and elimination of disparities.

It is worth mentioning Mastodon It is based on being a set of interconnected open source servers, called “instances”, and the owners of each establish their own moderation policies. Although this is a good proposition, it may be possible that using it after a short period of time may be counterproductive due to the degree of freedom in the general level.

secondly, Elon musk Recently noted that verified accounts will cost something in the future, another reason why many users are wondering whether to stay on the site. It is worth commenting that the $20 USD he wants to raise has been reduced, due to the negative response from the public.

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