The Sandman will have a second season Atomics




One of the shows that has built the largest fan base sandman, of the series Netflix Which premiered this year, and despite the great quality, it was noted that there won’t be a second season. However, a ray of hope fell on fans, as apparently a new wave of chapters for the future is already confirmed.

According to Last date, Netflix This TV program has greenlit a second season, which guarantees the comic DC Most fans will continue with more stories to tell. Its official account Twitter of DC Accidentally leaked the reconstruction before it was moved, so many characters were happy to get it back.

Here’s what the deleted post said:

The dream continues. @Netflix_Sandman will return with new episodes based on multiple volumes of Neil Gaiman’s graphic novel to further explore the never-ending story.

The Sandman Premier August 5, 2022 And was praised for being a good adaptation of the comic series Neil Gaiman what follows the dreamA divine figure said to rule the dreams of people in a realm to dream. Most of the public are fans of the original works, noting that they were quite faithful to the source.

Note that the first season is available now Netflix.

Through: IGN


Publisher’s Note: With this news we can put Netflix on a scale with fans, as some will love them for renewing The Sandman for a second season, but others will hate them for Cavill’s departure from The Witcher.


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